Brazils first match in the World Cup was played in São Paulo against Croatia, but I watched it in Leblon with Lucas, his mother, sister, boyfriend and friends. Lucas and his family live in a beautiful apartment in Leblon, this week announced in the national paper as being the most expensive neighbourhood in Brazil. They live here with two empregadas (housekeepers). Arriving I received a warm welcome and, as I will hopefully do with all people I will watch a game with, next to watching the game I accompanied Lucas in a part of is daily life in Rio too. Lucas is 21 years old and studies Fashion. His current plan is to go to New York for a year to study there, because it is his dream city and fashion is a lot bigger there. His biggest dream is to open his own store here in Rio.

Lucas spends a lot of his time at home, reading, studying, or behind the computer watching the latest fashion and blogs. Besides that he goes to the academia (gym) every day for a workout accompanied by his trainer his trainer. He does not have much with football and is like many other Brazilians against the World Cup being held in Brazil. Because of all the problems the country has and could have made better with the time and money they have now spent on stadiums. But the matches of Brasil he will watch. At home, with friends and family and a beer or glass of bubbles. And so we did. We watched Brasil beating Croatia with 3 to 1. Normally this would mean drinks in a bar close to his house. But because his friend was not feeling well they decided not to go this time.

Thank yo Lucas, for you hospitality, warm welcome and giving me a peek in your life. I had a relaxed afternoon, a good start for this crazy World Cup!

Curious with whom I will be watching the next match? Brasil against Mexico on the 17th. And most probably I wil have to keep it a secret until after the match, but it will be worth it!













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