2014-09-19 11.56.58The Other Seleção is a one women project that would never have been possible without the support of Lectoraat Topsport en Onderwijs. Today I brought Lector Cees Vervoorn two prints of the project. Thank you so much Cees!

The project will continue! The upcoming months I will be working on a plan towards the Olympics in 2016. Stay tuned!





It has been a while and meanwhile a lot has happened. Before the exhibition both O Globo, the national newspaper, and Midia Ninja have published very nice articles about the project. I gained a lot of exposure with this. The exhibition was very nice untill my camera and laptop got stolen there. Incredible how I managed to travel the most dodgy parts of Rio alone and get, my stuff stolen in de chiquest part of town in a not so easy to acces area. Luckily it has happened after the project and I never safe my photos on my computer, but on an external hard drive, that I copy every other day to another external hard drive. So all my work is still with me.

Because my computer got stolen I had some other things to do and not an easy access to a computer and internet to post something. Right now I am working on the laptop of a Frensh friend of mine. Happy to have acces to a computer again. It is one with a French keyboard, so excuse me for any typemistakes. These are my last four days in Rio. I these days I was supposed to write the conclusion of the project and an update about the days I stayed in Sao Paolo in Casa Fora de Eixo. It has to wait now till I get back to Amsterdam.

Yesterday I visited a gallery here in Rio that will start selling my photos. We made the selection yesterday and tomorrow we will finish everything. Very happy and proud of that. Once everything is settled I will post the link of the Gallery too. For now it will stay quiet for a couple of days. My wish was to stay far from my computer abd camera the last couple of days in Rio. I guess I jinxed it, because I will…………………..


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The last couple of days I spent in São Paulo at the Midia NINJA casa and preparing the exhibition. About this first I will write some more later. Yesterday I picked up the photos for the exhibition and I am very happy. Looking foreword to it. Today I wil go there to build it up, curious, come and have a look tomorrow from 16, at Livraria Sabor Literario, R. Conde Bernadotte, 26 – Lj 125 – Leblon. If you’re not in Rio, the photos will come up soon after!




While Argentinians, Germans, Copacabana beach and the Maracanã were preparing for the Word Cup Final, not far away from Rio’s famous stadium a completely different preparation was being made, one for a protest march. The Warldcup Exhibition was on that same Praça Seans Peña. When I arrived the ambiance was calm. Once again there were more police officers then protesters. When the march begun I was talking to a Brazilian journalist. I thought that this protest was not going to be too violent, but she warned me for the opposite. The idea was clearly to walk towards the Maracanã Stadium, but all roads around the square where blocked. I love to get close to take photographs, but with no goggles, no helmet and no gas-mask I decided to keep a distance. The ambiance changed a bit when the protesters where stopped at every road they wanted to take, but it was far from violent when I heard the first teargas bombs. The group was about 500 meters away from me, and people were running towards me, protesters and people that were just passing by. I hid behind a bus stop ready to take more photographs when another bomb landed very close to me. Behind me was the metro station and I decided it was time to go. The police were trying to close the metro to prevent the protesters from leaving the square. Right before I managed to get in the next bomb landed about two meters away from me and the metro station. In the station and even in the metro it was impossible to breath. Coughing and crying people were entering the metro, while policemen were hitting them to prevent them from entering. When the doors closed they continued hitting the window, while behind it was an old lady and a mother with her two children. All of them with their sweaters in front of their mouths because it was still impossible to breath. A little overwhelmed from what had just happened I sat down and started talking to a Turkish guy that is living in Brasil. He has been in the riots in Turkey and was a bit more used to it than I was. We both had lost our friends at the square and talked about all that had happened. A ridiculous action, without thoughts on the police side, unnecessary and completely against human rights. About four stops later, when the breathing conditions were normal again, German an Argentinean supporters were starting to enter at every stop. On their way to the Fifa Fun Fest in Copacabana. Happy people with no knowledge of what was going on before they got in. We decided to go to Copacabana too and see what it was like.

We came to a crazily crowded beach and first thing we did was call our friends to see if they were okay. At that point they were. Later I heard that the police started beating them, broke their camera gear and did not let them out of the square. Just now I have read all other things that have happened after I left. Journalists have been attacked while filming, gear was stolen or broken by the police. A police officer pulled of the gas-mask of one of Reuters photographers and sprayed into her face. Several people were arrested without legal reason and several people were wounded. This all while I was already in Copacabana taking pictures of the soccer fans on the beach. Which is probably exactly what you will see in the paper tomorrow. I was cheering for Germany, because Argentinian supporters cannot behave themselves here in Rio, which was for me the reason to leave before the end of the match. I had ran once today for fights and teargas, that was enough. I was right, after the match there have been troubles on Copacabana. In the metro there was a true Argentina supporter next to me though, on his way home and crying because they had lost. The World Cup 2014 is a wrap and today represented exactly my feeling about it, mixed, the power of football, the beauty and the dark side of it.


















Argentinian fans watching the final at Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro

Argentinian fan watching the final at Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro







Argentinian fan watching the final at Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro





The last match, Brasil-Holland with Laura is online! See it here BRA-HOL. I will get some sleep now! In the next couple of days I will make the final selection of photographs, get things ready for the exhibition and go to São Paulo for a meeting from the Offside Brazil project.




The last two days, the last two matches, the last person to follow, a lot of lasts coming up. I am exhausted, satisfied and a little emotional. The work will not stop after this weekend though. Next Saturday, in a bookshop in Leblon, there will be a exhibition of my work. Something I am very proud of. Next to that I will head to São Paulo this week for a meeting/party of the Offside Brazil project. A part of me was looking forward to relax a little, but I guess I can do that in the plane back to Holland.

But first things first. Today I will go to Cidade de Deus to photograph the last match, against my own country. I will watch the match with Laura. She is a transsexual with a very heavy life story. We met yesterday for a (couple off) beer. She is amazingly open about her life. But that I will tell tomorrow. Tomorrow some of my photos will be part of the WarldCup exhibition at Praça Saens Peña. Here the last protest will take place too.

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