Steef Fleur is born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Originally an Urban Developer, but working fulltime as freelance photographer since 1,5 years. Steef is always looking for a different perspective, a passion already present during her studies. Learning only to design formal housing and public space in Holland, she decided to do an internship in Rio de Janeiro and learn about informal settlements. Falling in love with the city, she realized by the end of her internship it was just then that she started to understand Brazil: The culture, the people, the language. Steef decided to come back. Five months later she entered PUC to study a semester there. Knowing that PUC also had photography classes, she brought along her first camera and started her photography career here.

From Rio she learned one thing very well, football. The function it has in society, the power, the joy and the hope. All aspects so much bigger and more important than she had been realizing before. It gave her a different view of the sport and everything that surrounds it. In Holland, in 2012 a referee got kicked to death by a couple of players around the age of 15. The Netherlands was full of criticism on the education of the youth that plays football. Reason enough for her to start her first photo series: TEAM. A series that shows the good side of the sport and gives football-playing youth their positive faces back. With the World Cup in Brazil coming up, Steef’s passion for photography, football, Brazil and people all came together. Driven in her work as she is, in January 2014 she started setting up the plans by herself for The Other Seleção.


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