It has been a while and meanwhile a lot has happened. Before the exhibition both O Globo, the national newspaper, and Midia Ninja have published very nice articles about the project. I gained a lot of exposure with this. The exhibition was very nice untill my camera and laptop got stolen there. Incredible how I managed to travel the most dodgy parts of Rio alone and get, my stuff stolen in de chiquest part of town in a not so easy to acces area. Luckily it has happened after the project and I never safe my photos on my computer, but on an external hard drive, that I copy every other day to another external hard drive. So all my work is still with me.

Because my computer got stolen I had some other things to do and not an easy access to a computer and internet to post something. Right now I am working on the laptop of a Frensh friend of mine. Happy to have acces to a computer again. It is one with a French keyboard, so excuse me for any typemistakes. These are my last four days in Rio. I these days I was supposed to write the conclusion of the project and an update about the days I stayed in Sao Paolo in Casa Fora de Eixo. It has to wait now till I get back to Amsterdam.

Yesterday I visited a gallery here in Rio that will start selling my photos. We made the selection yesterday and tomorrow we will finish everything. Very happy and proud of that. Once everything is settled I will post the link of the Gallery too. For now it will stay quiet for a couple of days. My wish was to stay far from my computer abd camera the last couple of days in Rio. I guess I jinxed it, because I will…………………..


Capture d'écran 2014-07-22 16.34.52


Capture d'écran 2014-07-22 17.03.22



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