The last two days, the last two matches, the last person to follow, a lot of lasts coming up. I am exhausted, satisfied and a little emotional. The work will not stop after this weekend though. Next Saturday, in a bookshop in Leblon, there will be a exhibition of my work. Something I am very proud of. Next to that I will head to São Paulo this week for a meeting/party of the Offside Brazil project. A part of me was looking forward to relax a little, but I guess I can do that in the plane back to Holland.

But first things first. Today I will go to Cidade de Deus to photograph the last match, against my own country. I will watch the match with Laura. She is a transsexual with a very heavy life story. We met yesterday for a (couple off) beer. She is amazingly open about her life. But that I will tell tomorrow. Tomorrow some of my photos will be part of the WarldCup exhibition at Praça Saens Peña. Here the last protest will take place too.

Screenshot 2014-07-12 13.00.57


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