Yes, Brasil has beaten Colombia. This means, no matter what happens tomorrow, Brasil will play two more matches and I will be able to finish my series. Time flies when you’re having fun, I am having fun and time flies indeed. One more week and we know which country will be World Champion 2014, one more week and the project is a wrap. Next to being happy that my photos were published on the Offside Brazil project and will be part of the Warldcup exhibition, I did not stop taking photos.

Sunday on my way to the Holland match I was walking over Copacabana, where I first ran into celebrating, singing and shouting Argentineans separated by an army of military police form a group of Brazilians that was doing exactly the same. About 100 meters further along there was a group protesting against the World Cup, in complete silence, performing a show. A weird contrast, but the protest was beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the location in the Babylonia favela where we watched the match of Holland with a group of Dutch and Brazilians. With a view on Christo and the screen I watched and was very nervous….. Pffieuwww, we passed!

Sunday I made my rest day and today I headed out again, to visit Seu Elson. A 60 year old man, living alone in the favela of Barreira, living by collecting recyclable material, an interesting man. He will be the subject during the next match, so it will be completely different from the others. I am looking forward to it. Since Barreira is close to the Vasco da Gama Stadium, I went for a visit there too. A beautiful stadium, with a new field, paid by FIFA. Here a photography update about these past days.   ststfl_COPABLOG_014 ststfl_COPABLOG_017 ststfl_COPABLOG_018 ststfl_COPABLOG_009 ststfl_COPABLOG_007 ststfl_COPABLOG_008 POST02 ststfl_COPABLOG_010 ststfl_COPABLOG_003 POST03 ststfl_COPABLOG_002 ststfl_COPABLOG_019 media ninja media ninja ststfl_COPABLOG_021 Rest time media ninja media ninja media ninja POST01 Ticket desk of the Vasco da Gama media ninja media ninja media ninja media ninja media ninja


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