Since yesterday it is raining again in Rio. Like I wrote before rain makes this city stop, combined with the fact that it is an official holiday day today (asked every Brazilian I met the last two days why, nobody actually knew) these are days to stay inside or in a bar watch football or a movie. For me it is a day to spend behind the computer. Off course I went out yesterday to see Holland play Australia. I watched it at a friend’s house that I had not seen for 4 years, good times, not the best match though. At night it seemed dry so I walked around Santa Teresa for a bit and I went to listen to some Samba close to the harbor, but half way it started raining again, time to sleep and crawl behind the computer again this morning. To contact people and search for about three backups for the upcoming match.


Today it really hardly stopped raining, but I am about to go out to have a talk with someone that works in one of Rio’s Sambaschools. I am planning on shooting there during the third match and follow one of the dancers. Let’s hope that it will work out better and will be confirmed for real this time. Fingers crossed!! For after that I have put my high heels at hand, because I am invited to a party in the Ceasar Palace. For whom doesn’t know, it’s the hotel in Ipanema where the Dutch team stays. Probably I won’t see them at all, but I will be photographing at this party too, so who knows……. More again tomorrow!




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