There must be places very crowded, full with Brazilians keen for the matches of Brasil, but up until now, I don’t see or feel it yet. I am very aware of the fact that because I am trying to show the other side, I might miss all the action. But looking around me the day of a match in Acari, which is a very crowded favela, for me it gets more and more confirmed that Brazilians do not seem to want the World Cup in their country. They are holding back, in enthusiasm, in decoration, in joining each other to watch the match. Clearly, if Brasil would have won the match against Mexico, it might have been a bit different, but during the match the ambience was already very calm. All kids did, but just few adults wore Brazilian shirts and they were not as focused on the match as I expected them to be. I had a very nice day at CCPR in Acari though. My story about the match and Wesley with whom I watched it, is under the BRA-MEX page. But hereby also a small impression of Acari today and one of the “photo booth” photo’s that I have been taken at the CCPR.











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