The past weekend I have been traveling a lot and talked a lot. At the place I wanted to go it would definitely work out they said, so confirmed? ! Having listened very well to my guts, I had two backups and again I was right, because yesterday they cancelled. They had a very good reason though, in the neighborhood where I wanted to go, two young soldados (drug traffickers) got killed. Their car was set on fire by the police and because of that the ambiance was not the one you really want to be in. I made a call to one of my back ups and he was very happy that I would come along to watch tomorrow. Still it did not feel right, but what can you do…..


Today I spent my time behind the computer working on the project here, but also finishing up some other work that I have back home. A day behind the computer asks for a workout after, so I went running in Flamengo park, close to my house. When coming back home I picked up my phone, nine missed calls, one number. You can guess it already, my back up cancelled, because he was invited to watch the game in a different place, where I can’t photograph…. 18 o’clock, 22 hours before the match tomorrow and nobody picked up their phones, including my second back up. “Estou fudido (I am screwed)!” was the only thing I could think off. Luckily sometimes solutions come out of nowhere towards you. A friend of mine sent me an invitation to come and see the match in his community. They are organizing a little party with all sorts of things to do (They sent out the invitation at 19 o’clock, while it will be tomorrow, Brasil….), graffiti, music, capoiera and churrasco (barbecue) off course. So I will get myself over there tomorrow. Fun it will be for sure, a little risk I am taking, because I do not have permission to photograph from the local “boss”. Let’s take the risk and see what’s coming up (I am not in risk, just not sure if I can really photograph). Tomorrow COPA FAVELEIRA.


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