Day one, one match, one person. I have spent half my day with Lucas in Leblon and the other half traveling to and being at one of the manifestations in Rio. My intention was to go to the protests in the morning, they would start at 10.00, but like everything in Brasil, it had a delayed start. Because of my appointment with Lucas at noon I figured I could not go anymore. Getting out of the house I was expecting a wave of yellow shirts, once again an expectation that did not come true. Very little people were dressed in the color of their country and the ones that  were in colors, half was not Brazilian, but tourist.

After spending a little time following Lucas in his daily routine in Leblon, I called Gustavo to see if the manifestations were still going on. At that point it was starting to get heavy, so I decided to go and take a look. Gustavo is the lawyer that I have spoken to earlier this week. He is a volunteer during the manifestations to protect the rights of the protesters. By the time I got there I had missed the biggest action. Four people got arrested, the ambiance had already calmed down and Gustavo just came back from the Police office. The arrested people were being brought to the Cidade Policia in Zona Norte. As one may expect,  there is a lot of hate from the protesters about the World Cup towards the Police. But tomorrow I will be in that same Cidade Policia, because the Police has a get together, against the World Cup towards the government that does not keep its promises. They also do not want this World Cup. I spent some time talking to Gustav and the other volunteers, among them there are students, but also doctors. On my way back to Leblon I was in the metro with some of the protesters, they were singing and having discussions with tourists in yellow Brasil shirts. They were on a rebel tour towards everything and everybody that has something to do with the government. Starting unnecessary discussions with the Metro operator. Luckily this is just a small part of the protesters. Among the protesters there are students, teachers, doctors, etc. Arriving back in Leblon I found myself watching the match in a complete different environment. The pictures of the first match are under the tab BRA- CRO.

Being at home, writing this after the game, again another expectation did not end up in being the truth. I would have thought that there would be a party on every corner of the street because Brasil has won. People have a beer on the street, but it is calm, or maybe I just passed the wrong streets on my way home….


ststfl_COPABLOG_001 ststfl_COPABLOG_003  ststfl_COPABLOG_006



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