One more night and this country stops for the first day, if not for a whole month straight. The opening match of the World Cup 2014 will be played at 17.00 local time in São Paulo. Like I have written before, on paper it is the biggest dream coming true, but whom would have thought that a big part of this country that breaths football, will NOT be watching the match between Brasil and Croatia, they will be protesting. I am in very close contact with an other friend that will be joining all the protest on when they will be held, because I want to be in one of them, to feel the ambiance, talk to the people and off course, photograph them. But I guess from now on, it is not necessary anymore to search for the protests, because they are everywhere.  Today I on my home I visited a friend that had a projection project on the Arcos da Lapa. Standing there a protest came by. A small one, about 50 people, putting banners down for people to read and holding another one up, that can’t be missed; FIFA GO HOME! While photographing what they were doing and the absurd amount of Elite Squad that followed them (they seemed to have more attention for the projections then for the protest), one of the protesters came towards me. Surprised that I spoke Portuguese, he filmed me and interviewed me about the World Cup. A live stream via twitcasting. His main question towards me was, please tell your country that everything that happens here is absurd and the owners of the world cup (for those whom haven’t noticed it yet, I do not use the F word on my site, because I simply do not want to connect my project to their absurd way of organising a World Cup, that should be for the people. It should be a PEOPLES WORLD Cup and not a F*** World Cup) a corrupt basterds. Since I agree, hereby, the words of the Brazilians.


Tomorrow there will be several protests throughout the city again. Since I have marked my first game in Leblon, according to the national paper O Globo this week, the richest neighbourhood in the country, I will not be able to visit tomorrows protests. But before I am heading to Leblon Tomorrow, I will be passing by the office of the Lawyers that are there to protect the rights of the protesters. Because of all these things that are happening, I decided that I will stay one of Brazils matches either with the lawyers, or the protesters.







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