Brazilians, if something hasn’t changed, it is their way of making appointments. One of the people that I was supposed to follow, is once of a sudden not here in Rio on the planned day of the match… I was talking to some people about my project yesterday, teling that I was nervous. Why? Well, I had everything planned out, like a proper “Northern European” (punctual and organised, apparently we’re famous for that, someone told me yesterday) girl. But I know Brazilians well enough to know that that was to good to be true. And I guess I listened a bit better to my guts this time, because I was right. It is not the end of the world, not nearly. It means just another day on the phone to reschedule everything. Because like a proper Norther European girl, I have a backup plan for nearly everything. Five minutes later I received an email from one of the two sponsor requests that I still have running, that the request was denied. Like a proper Brazilian this time, I shouted some Palavrões (Brazilian swearwords) towards my computer. With the energy I have saved the last couple of days I am ready to go, let the games begin. As soon as I will have finished my calls and reconfirmed everything, my next post with the people will be coming up.


One thought on “CONFIRMED! OH NO, MAYBE NOT….

  1. Soms vraag je je dan maar af, wie gestoord is: de afspraak-loze Braziliaan, of de punctuele Hollander. Botsing van twee werelden. Ik weet zeker dat onze opvatting een minderheid vertegenwoordigt.

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