With two days to go I have spent my time taking it a bit more slow the past two days. It will be crazy form tomorrow on and I am getting nervous. Did I pick the right people? Are they really going to be there? And, will Brasil make it further then the last round? There is somuch happening here, I am trying to keep up with it, but it seems impossible to know everything. I am not the only one who is getting nervous, the whole city, will they and the rest of the country be prepared for the upcoming month? I am ready. Still waiting for one confirmation, but if that doesn’t work out I have a backup. Tomorrow I will present the first people that I’ll be following to you. So what I did do? What you do when you have time off in Rio, go to a museum, go out for lunch with friends, drink some beers, watch a football match,  see some Samba and go to the beach.

ststfl_COPABLOG_006 ststfl_COPABLOG_007


Friday I am invited to photograph at the Cidade Policia, where a gathering will be held by the Civil Police. The civil police did not want the World Cup (and no, nobody wants it anymore), and the promises that were made to them by the Government for their situations to be improved were not kept. The responsible Governor has postponed the meeting (not for the first time, can’t figure out how many times already, but often…) in which the negotiations for the World Cup were going to be held till after the 15th of june. This will be an interesting meeting. Although I will have to miss the first match (against Spain…) of my own country for it….



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