Saturday in Rio. Time flies, but I managed to get a lot done in the past two days and that makes it time for a short update. Not short because I just have little to tell, but short because I have been running around so much, that it is becoming time to relax a little. I was planning on giving myself the day off tomorrow and head to the beach, but I again I have an appointment planned. Also my time in Casa 48 is coming to an end, so tomorrow I have to move to a new place. Well actually not a new place, but I place that is very well known, a place where I have lived before, Casa Carpe Diem, also in Santa Teresa.

Friday feels like ages ago already, because so much is happening, but it was only yesterday. I started the day heading to Piscina de Ramos (Pool in Ramos). An artificial pool that is more like a lake/beach close to the airport, to meet Feijão, the guy, or better explained “character”, that takes care of the pool. An amazing place and a very very nice character to follow during one of the matches. Not confirmed yet, but if we will, you will enjoy watching him!


From pool I went to an official auditorium to meet the order of lawyers that had a meeting with a congressman form Brasilia (that was seriously on tinder during the lunch) about how they will protect the human rights of the protesting people during the World Cup. Very interesting subject, I want to learn a lot more about that. In order to do so I will meet Gustavo, the lawyer whom had invited me for the meeting, again this week. On my way to this meeting something happened to me that hasn’t happend to me before, I got robbed. Bright daylight, in the middle of the street. It is a street where I already had my doubts if it wouldn’t be better to take a taxi, but in order to safe money, I didn’t listen to my guts. It wasn’t as bad as I make it sound now, but it could have been a lot worse. A boy on a bike that was cycling towards me grabbed my necklace (that looked gold, but wasn’t worth anything) from my neck and cycled away. Happens a lot here, but since I had my Iphone in my hand and a bag full of camera equipment, I was a little chocked, but happy that it was all he took. It was a good warning for me, I was getting to comfortable I think. So in a way I am “happy” that it happened.


My last meeting of the day was one at the head office of the civil Police of Rio de Janeiro. A giant building with an amazing view over the center of the city. Next to spending a little time there photographing, I spoke with inspector Fabio. A very interesting man, with an even more interesting view about Brasil and it’s (lack of) system. He works at the office only, which is very interesting work, but not the best to photograph. But he will try to arrange that I can shoot in the Cidade Policia during one of the matches and follow one of the officers. I hope this will work, because usually it requires training to go out with them.


On my way back home Brasil was still playing Serbia. Although there is still not as much decoration to see on the streets and not many people were watching the match, the tv is on, not only inside all the bars, but for example also inside a drugstore. A long day I ended with samba and some beers on the streets, but not to late, this morning there was a new meeting. A meeting that was a big contrast to the one I had yesterday. This one was with some drug traffickers inside one of the favelas. I put down a request to shoot (difficult word chose in this context)/photograph in their favela during one of the matches. They were positive, but told me they would answer my request within three days. It took me nearly the whole day, to get there, wait for them, talk to them and get back. Hopefully they will get back to me with a positive answer. So far my not so short update. Time to relax!



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