Yesterday I was working on my blog about the friendly match between Brasil and Panama, when Ricardo called. I had been trying to get in touch with him for a while already, he invited me over for lunch in his apartment in Ipanema. We had a nice talk about life in Brasil and he showed me around his apartment, amazing, Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph the place, but will share at least the view with you. Ricardo used to be congressman here in Brasil and decided a while ago that he was done with working and wanted to enjoy life more while he still could. If I have to believe the gossip sites here in Rio he throws the best parties in the city without ending time and never ending champagne. Unfortunately Ricardo won’t be here during the World Cup, he will be traveling in Europe… I asked him to help me find someone interesting to follow during one of the matches.
Next stop for me was Leblon where I was invited by Deborah in her coubertura (Rooftop) apartment. Deborah organises a very chique interesting party on the 19th in the Ceasar Palace where I am invited to as well. I met her there to talk to her if she could help me find interesting people to follow. We talked for a long time and laughed a lot. Deborah knew someone and immediately made an appointment with him for today. Besides that, she told me I also needed to talk to the manager of the Ceasar Park Hotel, because I had asked if I could bring my camera to the party. Not knowing at that time that it is the hotel where the Dutch team will stay during the World Cup. The manager asked me to sent in a solicitation to photograph the day of the party, just for the party.
Today both my solicitation and Deborah’s friend were confirmed. Whom he is I will keep for myself for now, but for sure it will be fun to watch!
Form Deborah I needed to run to my next appointment with Delma in the center of town. Delma is journalist for O Dia, Rio’s local paper. She helped me get in touch with some people that are already preparing for this World Cup for TWO YEARS!! And the other side, the group of lawyers that represents the protesting people to protect the human rights during the demonstrations. Tomorrow they will have their last meeting before the World Cup and invited me to join them, because they were enthusiastic about my project. This is only one of the four meetings I have tomorrow, a lot more interesting things coming up!



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