While writing this post yesterday, I received a call from Ricardo. My next post “Ipanema view” will be about what happend after this call.

I was writing about the friendly match between Brasil and Panama. For me this was a good opportunity to do a test shoot and figure out how I will be working while shooting the actual matches of the World Cup. Hugo, whom I will also present to yuo soon, picked me up from the Irajá metro station and together with is nephew Alain we went to a bar in Vila Aliança, a neighbourhood in the north of the city. We were hoping for a lot of people, but unfortunately the match was at 4pm and most people were still at work. So it was us three and a couple of other guys drinking beer in a place that is usually packed during the matches of Brasil. The match ended in a 4-0 for Brasil and there was not a lot of excitement to photograph, but, for me it was perfect to put my plan together for the other matches. For example, I will really need to be focussed for 90 minutes, the Seleção won’t do the goal over because I have missed my shot…..


Luckily this time I had a little more time to breath and look around me, to see other stuff happening on the street that was beautifully decorated. At least until this giant truck passed by……




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