Yesterday I was on my way down from Pererão where I live to Ipanema for lunch meeting. I was late, which is fine in Brazil, but just to make sure I wouldn’t be tooooo late I took a taxi downhill. On my way down in the taxi I saw someone painting a wall witch a World Cup design. It was nice to see and I wanted to take some photographs. On my way back it was already getting dark though. Walking up was not an option anymore. I took a motortaxi up and asked the driver if we could pass by the place where I saw the guy painting. When we arrived he was still working. My motorbike driver turned out to be a very friendly one (I’ve had different experiences with them), when I asked him if it was safe (the place was on top of a favela that I do not know) to go and photograph he said it was okay, he introduced himself as Wayne and told me he would wait for me and keep an eye on me. When we continued uphill to Pererão we took a little detour, because Wayne wanted to show the best views of town and point out to me in which favela he lived. Arriving on top I still was a bit scared he would try to charge me a lot more, but it charged the normal price and gave me his number. “If you need anything, just call, I can show you around and know a lot of places where people are preparing their houses for the world cup.” Thank you Wayne!


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