Although I still spent most of my time behind the computer or on the phone at the moment, I had to get out because I forgot to pack socks. It’s winter, so I need them. Strolling trough the center of the city I had a small trip down memory lane, small things that happen along the way and make you smile. Like the pipoca (popcorn) seller in the middle of the street and his neighbour that sells water and beer out of styrofoam boxes. A girl out of the passing bus is asking (shouting if I am honest) for water and popcorn. They sell it trough the open window of the bus. The stoplight turns green and the salesmen have a little stress about the change they have to give the girl. Right on time everything is settled, the bus is driving away and the two salesmen smile and give each other a hug. They both have earned another two reais. (0,33 euro cents). So far the opposite from what my friend told me yesterday. But when I get into the local telecom shop the girl that helps me get internet on my prepaid phone tells me the opposite. Although she will support the Seleção, because “a culpa não e deles” (it is not their fault) She doesn’t believe in her government and is scared indeed.


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