THE WORLD CUP was being held in THE FOOTBALL COUNTRY of the world. On paper the biggest dream coming true, but we all know this was not simple. Brazil is a country with a lot of different worlds and it struggles with that fact. It is a subject that has been studied, photographed and written about often. Most media focus on the crowd. Dutch photographer Steef Fleur chose to focus on the individual. With the project The Other Seleção, she not only wanted to show how Brazilians watched the World Cup, her aim was to show some of the different worlds within Brazil through these people.

Every match of Brazil she accompanied a different Brazilian to give an insight in the different worlds and lives of Brazil. Brazil played seven matches in the World Cup, so seven personal stories seen trough the lens of Steef Fleur. The stories have one thing in common; they show the power of the most played sport in the world: football. The sport connects and sometimes pulls apart people at the same time. Happiness behind the TV and manifestations happening around the corner from each other.

There was a lot going on in the month Brazil hosted the World Cup. The people that Steef picked can be considered stereotypes. Stereotypes exist and people aim to label them good or bad quite quickly, but these labels are often used without taking a closer look at the people and their context. In the end they are all humans, most of them trying to make the best out of their lives with the chances they get. In a country like Brazil, these chances can be completely different.

The World Cup is over, but the different worlds remain. Brazil gets back to reality after organizing a month long event over the whole country. The conclusion of this happening being good or bad is for every individual to make. But hopefully The Other Seleção will give you an insight of what it looked like for the Brazilian people


Offside Brasil

Offside Brasil is a project by Magnum Photos with the support of Instituto Moreira salles, Save the Dream and ESPN, where 4 Magnum photographers, 4 Brazilian photographers and 2 Brazilian photo collectives portrayed Brasill during the World Cup. After seeing The OTHER SELEÇãO, one of these collectives, Midia Ninja, invided me to  to participate in their collective for the project. In the last two weeks of the World Cup, 14 of my photos were published on the projects site.

Screenshot 2014-07-29 19.01.47


Exhibition THE OTHER SELECãO Rio de Janeiro


On the 19th of july in Livraria Sabor Literário, Rua Conde Bernadote, 26 Lj. 125 – Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, the exposition of the project opened opened. The exhibition will stay here approximately 3 weeks.


Exhibition WarldCup, Parque das Ruinas, Rio de Janeiro

8595170_origSome of the photo’s of The OTHER SELEÇãO are part of the Exhibition Warld Cup. An independent project by an international coalition of photographers who set out to document the reality  of the Wprld Cup 2014.


The OTHER SELEÇãO on Midia Ninja

Capture d'écran 2014-07-22 16.34.52


The OTHER SELEÇãO on O Globo Esportes

Capture d'écran 2014-07-22 17.03.22


The matches

BRA-CRO she watched with Lucas, from an upperclass family in Leblon

BRA-MEX she watched with Wesley, from unpacified favela Acari

CMR-BRA she watched with Rafaela, a dancer of the Sambaschool of Salgueiro

BRA-CHI she watched with Karen, a Military police officer

BRA-COL she watched with Thiago, a trafficante in Zona Norte

BRA-GER she watched with Seu Elson, a trash collector in Zona Norte

BRA-HOL she watched with Laura, a transsexual in Cidade de Deus

Off course there is more. The BLOG on this site she has filled with her stories, those of the interesting people she met along the way and other happenings in a country that breaths football. It will give you a little peek “behind the scenes” of the World Cup. If you want to stay posted, you can follow her also on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.


Copyright of all photos and images on this site belong to Studio Steef Fleur. None of the photos can be used without permission of the photographer.



5 thoughts on “THE PROJECT

  1. What an absolutely amazing concept for a photography project. I was in Rio a few years ago, and was amazed at how much a single sport could become so wholly ingrained into one’s cultural identity. Thanks for posting your amazing photos, and I look forward to your future entries!!

  2. Ik kom uit Brazilië en vind geweldig dat mensen zo als u gaat naar anderen landen met de bedoeling voor een echt ervaring geven. Succes er mee. De project is heel mooi gedaan, alle besten. Wel goed spreken over ons 🙂

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